Network Media Integration is a portal for arabs in Sweden to get more information about life in Sweden so they can thrive.

? What is the company’s vision 

Build a team capable of helping the process of integration and spreading love, happiness and achievement in the new society

 ? What are the owners core values

Credibility, trust and provide all that is useful, Provide information from official sources, Follow up each question and answer it in various areas of life of foreigners in Sweden and even Arabs who are thinking of traveling to Sweden and post every question on our page so that everyone can share the benefit and answer it, Encouraging work in Sweden and not relying on Sweden’s aid even in simple work or even in voluntary work

  ?  What are the owners’ objectives


I want to develop myself, my abilities and my skills from all sides and expand the network of communication in order to find out everything that benefits me on the personal field and I can help the community as a whole

 ?  What problem will you solve

  1.  Gathering important information about Arab sweden from Sweden and from different sites. A non-stop research to most important sites in arabsweden and in other different sites that benefit everybody.,
  2.   Prentation of the members’ questions for years in our site that’s  you will find millions of asked questions about Sweden., 
  3. Being up to date with the activities and occasions taking place and Sweden at reporting it directly to you by videos or as ads so as you can attend it.,
  4.  The most important thing we are doing is giving advice to all people through our sites and through the the social media, we are not a news site we are an over all site to benefit everybody.,
  5.  Problems in integration
 ? What makes you unique?:

A non-stop research to most important sites in arabsweden and in other different sites that benefit everybody., cerdibility , trust and honesty in dealing with Arab sweden over many years,very strong relations with the important ARABIC pages and arab personalities and other nationalities in Sweden

 ?  Who will have this problem

Swedish society of schools . Universities . Institutes . Companies . State Departments., All arab thinking to travel to sweden and we focus on arab sweden newcomers to integrate into sweden community

 ? Who can help you

 Fouad Asfour, Mohammad Al Soboh, khaled Aldeb, Mahmoud Aldebe, Fadi Al Bashish

 ?  How will you market and sell

By holding a course for newcomers and providing information and advice on the right integration, Possible through a special handbook on integration, Production of films about integration, Radio or television station

 ?  How will you charge

Support through government and private institutions, Possible through events, membership

 ? What features will your product have

Guide to the right life in Sweden, Get the most important information, sites and programs that will change his life to the best in all respects and that we have searched for this information for many years, Building a special program to integrate in the different cities of Sweden, a direct encounter with Swedish and foreigners

 ?  Who will be your first customers

Everyone does not speak Swedish and is looking for true information or important news, Anyone who has paper in the Immigration Department or is looking for accommodation, work or study, or has difficulty communicating with the community, Families have problems because of their children, social security, school, society and psychological aspects

 ? What is your unique value proposition

Experience over many years in life in sweden and the ability to share information to everyone and flexibility ., The site of Sweden’s Arabs is a guide to the most important Arabic and Swedish sites in various fields. a study . Action . Migration. Asylum. Marriage. etc



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