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My trip to Sweden رحلتي الى السويد



I came to Sweden on 2007 with my family . I faced many problems from the beginning with new society and new culture and language 

وسط ستكهولم من تصويري
I was in a small village … it’s called ( storå ) it’s about 220 km from Stockholm….. I was there for more than one years without work only  thinking about getting paper in Sweden

In this time I thought  to do something to be more active and positive and to help other people in Sweden ;  I  feel alone with this new Community  don’t have many people there and I have only one or two Arab family and also
they need help like me and waiting answer from Swedish migrationesverket

I searched from Google how to make a free websites and I do it .. I tried to
contact with all Arab in Sweden and to feel we are like a family here
From website I made many relationship with Arab in Sweden and around the world


 ? How I found  work in Stockholm

One friend from my website from Iraq  contact me and helped me to apply for a work in Stockholm and I leave  my family and I came to Stockholm and I made interview and I get work with cleaning boat with vilkingline on 17-12-2008 


I was so glad to get work on Stockholm and to begin new live … but I was a lone without my family for more one month because it’s very difficult to find work and apartment samtime

I worked hard from early morning to get my Swedish  paper and first
contract  apartment and now I am Swedish nationality

I am very happy to help other and I have made many group and pages in social media and I learnt how to make simple website with WordPress and I
 made it by my self .. Take a look

I learned photography in Sweden and I have thousands of images 


My first Arabs in Sweden in 2008


And other one




Google Plus








I like to help people this is my goal in Life

With best regards


Raed Abu Mohammad



اهلا وسهلا بكم من مختلف دول العالم مغترب عربي في السويد تعلمت الكثير في غربتي فلقد زرت أكثر من بلد أوروبي وعربي وأحببت أن أشاركم بعض ما تعلمت لعلي أوفق بإذن الله في تقديم النصيحه لكم والمواضيع الهامة التي تفيدكم . شكرا لكم على زيارتكم موقعي والمشاركة فيه وأرحب بكل أقتراح وتعليق كن مبادرا وشارك معنا واعمل متابعة

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